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    Myself and 3 other doctors were recently promoted to a leadership panel in October, however we have yet to see a contract or get payed yet for this promotion. We were told by our director that it would be a stipend position of $1 thousand a month. I met with the hospitals CMO a month ago and e-mailed the CMO and VP 2 weeks ago asking for info and they just keep saying we will get back to you. What should the next step be without ruffling to many feathers, also if I decide I will not do the position, I fear I will lose the three months of work I have already done. I've never had an employer not honor or even produce contracts for a job. I'm asking here because ultimately it is a financial issue and maybe someone else has had a similar experience, that hopefully ended up well.

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    This is more a "relationship" issue than a "financial" issue, IMO. If you have a longstanding/positive/mutually respectful relationship with the powers that be in your hospital, I expect that will get worked out, and you will be paid in time (including back pay, as promised). Hospitals are large, complex entities, and your $1000/month is probably among the lowest of priorities.

    I am not sure what the nature of your practice, employment, and compensation is currently. One way to push them forward is to not agree to any more meetings and/or respond slowly to requests, by saying something like..."I have reduced my clinical output for the last few months in anticipation of compensation from the Hospital for Medical Director Leadership (or whatever) services. Since this has not been forthcoming as planned, I will have to curtail meetings and projects and refill the space with clinical time blah, blah, blah..."


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      Vagabond thank you for your comment. You are so right, they are in the process of doing a lot of contracts so I bet we are closer to the bottom on their "to do list". I'm gonna speak to my partners on the panel to see how long, is to long, so we can all potentially stop doing the job temporarily. We would definitely have more of an impact if we all did it.