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who is doing meaningful use? switch EHR's? what is penalty?

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  • who is doing meaningful use? switch EHR's? what is penalty?

    Is CMS still imposing 2-3% fines for not doing meaningful use? any updates?



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    I don't know how often it gets done or all the different things required by "meaningful use" but I remember one my Family Medicine rotation, all the attendings auto-printed an informational sheet for their patients that they stated was required by meaningful use. The picked that paper up off the printer, and put it in the shred bin. I didn't see a single one get handed to the patients. Had to laugh about it.


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      It is customary to refer to this as meaningless abuse, but I'll overlook that.


      There is no more Meaningful Use, for most docs it will be replaced by MIPS which includes quality reporting, EMR and other electronic data usage, and cost control.  If a doc totally craps the bed and doesn't do any of it the penalty could eventually be as high as 9%.


      CMS will release the final MIPS guidelines by November 1st and supposedly implement them as of 1-1-17.  My feeling is there will be a delay on implementation requirements since they are only giving us a couple months to prepare.  At this point my guess is we'll have to do some sort of partial year reporting for 2017 so stay tuned.


      I think the PQRS requirements are still in effect for 2016.  I am planning on reporting through a registry either later this year or early 2017.