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RVU and Medi Cal Reimbursement

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  • RVU and Medi Cal Reimbursement

    Hey guys, I am looking to land a job next year in pulmonary critical care in California and a hospital wants me to be W2.   I'd rather be 1099 but the hospitals argument is that I can get a higher reimbursement rate through medi cal because the hospital has a special exemption.  This means I can see medi cal patients in an inpatient or outpatient settings and I would bill the hospital and get an RVU rate.

    Does it make sense why the hospital prefers me to be W2 with regards to medi cal or are they lying about what is possible.  I have a feeling they want me to be an employee so I don't form or join another physician group which would give me and the group more leverage in negotiating.

    Thank you


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    What rate is the hospital offering you vs what Medi-cal pays? What percentage of the patients would be Medi-cal?

    Sounds like you are a little more interested in being in private practice from the way you framed your OP. Any more details?