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    I having been working 8 hours a month at a residential program for adolescents.  Due to a new state law, they need a psychiatrist in the role of Medical Director.  They are asking me if I have any idea what a contract for a medical director contains.  I don't even know where to start or who would help us draw up such a contract.  I contact my malpractice carrier for advice and they were not much help. Any thoughts on where to start or things I need to think about.  This place does good work in our community and I enjoy the kids I work with there.  Thanks!

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    How are they paying you currently?


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      They are paying me hourly as a 1099.  They will give me additional pay for this job.


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        I found that the administrative part of the medical director role I took up was not covered by my medicolegal insurance. They added me onto the hospitals insurance. But I felt uncomfortable that I might not actually be covered by the hospital insurance. Maybe if you are employed in that role by the organisation, you could be more sure of adequate coverage.

        Eventually it led me to give up the role after a year. I didn’t want any risk of going back to zero, even if the risk was very low. The remuneration was also less compared to what I made just seeing patients. Also I found the admin work was a call option on my time. Usually it was ok but if there was some adverse incident or issue with staff, it wasn’t.


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          Background I am Medical Director for a few local Nursing homes and member of The American Medical Director Association. The link below takes you to their page in which you can purchase ($28 non member) their sample agreement for Long Term care but the principles are the same. There is also a link on this page to view a sample of the contract.

          Also recently they conducted a member survey and it included questions on salary for Medical Directors- the following is a summary:

          AMDA conducted a Membership Survey in January 2019. According to the results, 62.6% of Medical Directors are paid a monthly stipend (average is $2,307). 19.2% are paid hourly (average is $192/hour). Average time is about 10 hours/facility. Keep in mind averages may vary by location. The full Membership Survey Results can be found here:

          Please be aware the above is specifically for Long Term Care but should provide for a good starting point for you.

          If this a new state requirement then the organization is responsible for meeting the State Law. They need to work with an attorney to ensure that the contract is in accordance with State and Federal laws. As outlined above - they need to cover your malpractice for the medical director work or the pay should be increased to cover the cost of purchasing it separately.

          I cannot stress this enough- make sure they understand that they are contracting you for Medical Director Services and NOT FOR MEDICAL CARE of the residents. In my NH work I routinely need to remind the administrator of that distinction.


          Good Luck