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    What are some of the best practice management magazines/websites out there that provide valuable insight into maintaining and improving ones practice?

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    I like Medical Economics mainly for staying up with the current regulatory changes.  It does address practice management but hasn't been that helpful for me in that regard.  If an article is written by an attorney they will recommend you get an attorney, if it's written by a practice management firm they will recommend you hire a practice management firm, etc, etc - the articles tend to be slanted.


    Physician discussion boards tend to be big gripe sessions so aren't that helpful in my experience.  Also with the decline of solo and small practices there aren't as many independent docs out there.  Bottom line is I haven't seen much out there that helps with practice management.  If you have a EMR you might see if they have a discussion board - I use Amazing Charts and will sometimes see good advice in their forums.


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      Physician discussion boards tend to be big gripe sessions...
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      *cough* Sermo *cough*