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Tips from your first job search

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  • Tips from your first job search

    Hi everyone. I'm starting to *officially* embark on the first job search out of training. I'm looking for the collective wisdom from the group regarding the process. What are your biggest tips on the process? What are things that you wish you knew back when you did the process?

    In particular, I'm looking for advice on:

    1. Searching for jobs

    2. The initial phone interview/informal initial contact

    3. The official in person interview

    Other topics would be welcome.

    Thank you!

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    - Keep an open mind on location if you can
    - best jobs aren't advertised - use contacts or contact the power groups directly
    - use industry if you have relationships from fellowship or in that kind of specialty. They know the landscape and have more contacts than anyone
    - go on as many interviews as possible
    - get advice on the offers u do get (such as a place like this)
    - be careful getting any advice from your academic "mentors" if looking outside academics. Most are clueless with the real world
    - realize that everyone is trying to screw you
    - be very very very weary of any "partner" tracts
    - if in a employed gig That caps your income, ensure you're protected with lifestyle