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Financial packages for your midlevels?

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  • Financial packages for your midlevels?

    I'm in a PSA with the hospital and paid out in a strict RVU manner. If I want to hire a midlevel the hospital will pay me an RVU payout for their production and I would then divide that up with a midlevel.

    I was curious how much others pay their midlevels and the models they use.. Strict salary? Salary plus production? If production how do you base it off?

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    Strict salary. Midlevels also receive a bonus based on their contribution to a pool based on productivity. Bonus is assigned at the discretion of our group's medical director.


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      I am in private practice. I hired a mid level and I paid her on the 75 % of salary range of the mid levels for  base. For every dollar she made in production over her cost  I paid her 30 %. For every dollar she produced in production over the next level I paid her 40 %.  It worked out great. She is very productive.


      The next mid level I hired wanted a higher base salary and was not interested in bonus plan. I should never hired her. I let her go in 90 days and it cost me $ 30,000. At least it was cheaper that the associate,  that I hired and who which did not work out.


      For me there is no incentive to hire associates or mid levels.


      I am done.


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        Hiring our PAs was the best thing we could have done for our practice. If done correctly they will make you a lot of money while providing a great benefit for your patients. We pay ours a base salary with production based on collections. We do a multiplier over base and they get a percentage over that. About 60% of their pay is production based. Never hire a mid level that is not strongly incentive based. That will weed out the lazy people.


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          WCICON24 EarlyBird
          I'm in private practice and also employ a PA with base salary plus bonus based on collections over a certain level.  Everybody is happy and it provides an incentive to see patients.