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    I just got an e-mail for a meeting with the President of our CAH to talk about my contract and it seems all the docs have separate appointments with her.  From when we can figure she is looking to put us all on the same contract.  So now it's got me thinking about what it typical, I was military before this job so was obviously at a disadvantage when I signed my last contract and want to be sure I am taking care of myself and my family.  Currently I have a base pay, an annual bonus which was listed for the first 4 years (past this I don't know) and for the first 2 years got a quarterly bonus of 50% billed minus my salary after 2 years (this month) it goes to monthly bonus calculations since I bounced >75% of months the first 2 years (which was close since I had a baby).  I want to be sure that as time goes my salary increases, is this reasonable?  When I do the math it would seem that increasing the % of bonus would be more beneficial than an increase in base pay, of course this is not true should I become disabled.  Would anyone like to share their experience?

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    WCICON24 EarlyBird
    Dont quite understand your current pay setup, however there are obvious pros/cons to every different scenario. Bonus is great if attainable and large payout, and even better is a high base pay with zero productivity requirement.

    Anything that scales off your prior work load is tough since there is the problem of linearity in time and what you can do. I'd take base pay increase over bonus structure as long as it was dollar/dollar the same (highly unlikely) as of course you dont have to do anything to achieve it. Then start with achievable bonus pay after that.