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Sending billing statements to insurance companies?

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  • Sending billing statements to insurance companies?

    Everyone knows the time and effort it takes to deal with insurance companies.  Many of us are lucky to have staff that take the brunt of it, but I come across tasks every once in awhile that are specific to the MD.

    I recently got a letter instructing me to call a number (which took 20minutes of transferring, etc.) and then fill out a 7 page document with all of my education and training history (address of my undergraduate institution?!?) in order to maintain my active status with said private insurance company.  All of this information they have on file from previous applications so I questioned why the waste of my time.

    My question is:  Has anyone sent an insurance company an itemized bill for your (MD) time spent on these tasks?  If a lawyer spent 45 minutes on a project, you bet you would be getting a bill for that time.

    I would hope they would send us less meaningless paperwork to do if we were charging them $350-400/hour to do it.