There are limited guidelines out there for how much money is needed for college.  WCI has posted about this.  He tends to be on the lower end (at least for now).  He also has an option of a great in-state college though.  I have two kids.  I'm not sure how much education they will be getting.  I hate to see the financial situations of the residents rotating with me.  They are so strapped with debt that they begin with a huge monkey on their backs.  I want my kids to be practical and frugal, obtain scholarships, and to work.  I don't want to pay every cent of their costs for many reasons.  On the other hand I don't want them burdened with huge debt.  529 accounts are great but putting too much in isn't the best either.  I have about 100k in each of the kids college funds.  Many of my colleagues have similar amounts.  We are pretty sure we are in good condition for now... but wonder... should we add more?  Is that too much already?  Thoughts?