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    I commend you as a recently out of training doc for having no debt and 300k in savings.  I would just do it.  Invest the 300k less any emergency fund. Go to Vanguard open an account and do it.  Pick a diversified mutual fund. Is the 300k in a retirement account? I would rent at least another year until I knew my job was ok.  Also how stable is your spouses job?  I would not buy a large house thinking you may have kids one day.  Sometimes they don’t happen or if you have problems you might end up with multiples. Family size can change what type of house you need.
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    The saving is not in a retirement account, which we have on the side. We plan to pick one of WCI's 150 portfolio ideas, or maybe just rolling the funds into Vanguard SP500 index fund for now and let it sit for 5-10 years.


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      If you are in your early 30s I think 100% SP500 or their total stock would be fine. At some point throw in international and some bonds just get it out of a low return savings account!