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Car advice - new attending - what to buy?

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  • ACN
    Genesis G80.  Nice AWD big sedan, fully loaded, and half price of BMW/MB/Audi.  10 year warranty and 3 years free service.

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  • WorkforFIRE
    Toyota is the way to go.
    Highly recommend 4Runner. It’s big. It’s safe. Great for family.
    And most importantly, 5 year resale value is 2nd highest amongst all cars at 65%. Whenever you sell in 10 years, you’ll get great value on the car.

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  • wideopenspaces
    We live in an area with snow, two kids ages 10 and 2 ( so never had 2 in car seats at the same time) and we share a car. It's a 2008 Toyota Corolla and I have loved it. Never been in the shop and we've taken it up the canyon in the winter to ski resorts, gone through blizzards to Jackson hole in the winter, etc. So I think for sure a Camry would suit your needs even if you had another kid and needed two car seats to fit. I personally would like a leaf ( but I don't want to own two cars) but that might be an option for you as well since you have the crv. A friend of mine commutes in his leaf every day and it seems to do fine in the snow on the highway/ in town.
    Congrats on having your financial house in order, I hope your first year goes well.

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  • JK
    started a topic Car advice - new attending - what to buy?

    Car advice - new attending - what to buy?

    I could use some advice/suggestions on a car to buy. I just finished residency in July. Here is some background financial info on me. Net worth ~300k. Paid off student loans. Stay at home wife with 1 young child. Unsure of a second. Expected income for first full year (2019) ~450-500k+. Currently own a 2016 Honda CRV. Our other car is coming off a lease in a couple months. I learned my lesson and will not be leasing again. Overall we're in very good financial shape relative to age (early 30s) and time out of training but need some help choosing a car to buy. The original plan was to buy an older family car but that fell through last minute. Other info...

    -I'm definitely NOT a car guy. Just looking for something safe and reliable with minimal maintenance. Not flashy at all.

    -We already have a CRV which will be used more for family trips so I was thinking a smaller vehicle and not another SUV, van, truck, etc...

    -We have one child and not sure about another kid in the next few years. Therefore, not sure if the super small vehicles make sense either...although I would love to hear people's opinions on Prius's or other small cars who are doing it with a family.

    -Commute is pretty short but good mileage is also still important. Tempted by the idea of hybrids or even complete electric vehicle as I've never owned one of them before and I like the idea of being more environmentally friendly.

    -Live in Mid-Atlantic area so hopefully decent in snow (although not super important since short commute and could always borrow wife's CRV if need be I suppose).

    -Was favoring a used over a new vehicle but wasn't sure how that would be impacted if I went with a hybrid or electric vehicle as the technology/range is much better in recent years than much older vehicles.

    -The hope is to keep the car until it dies.

    Without doing any research, a few vehicles crossed my mind... Toyota Camry (+/- Hybrid), Honda Accord, Toyota Prius (might be too small but curious other's thoughts), Nissan Leaf, etc... I'm sure there are LOTS of cars I'm missing so I'd appreciate any/all thoughts. Thanks!