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    “I would disagree that it is as easy to negotiate a great sales price as it is to find and obtain a great advertised lease deal. One is hours/days of back and forth haggling, one is walking in the door and saying I want the deal that Honda Finance is advertising.”

    What is the money factor of the lease?
    What is the disposition charge at lease termination?
    How are you determining your equity at lease end?
    What are the mileage and repair charges at lease end?
    Are you going to trade it in, turn it in, or buy it?
    Did you know you can sell your leased car to CarMax or any dealership and avoid mileage, disposition and repair charges?

    Buying a car can be done from your home without haggling. Leasing can be done as well.
    Yes, Honda and mfg promotions can be sweet.
    Buying can be sweet.
    Used car manager for cash for your old one.
    New car manager, will you take $22,500 for THAT car?
    Out the door, TTL freight, and add-ons?
    Edmunds and NADA help, but getting a check or writing one counts. Start the exit about 3 months before the end.


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      The first year depreciation from a pricing standpoint is model year.
      Lease at the beginning and buy at the end.
      CRV 2019’s start being available 12/18.

      Buy 2018 (best price)
      Lease 2019 (12 months vs 1 yr old 2018).


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        Use these if you want impartial cost estimates.
        Some will be owner only, some will be Honda under lease.


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          If you live around mountains make sure to test drive a CRV. Around mountain passes in my area you always see them in the right lane with the semis struggling to maintain 60 mph. Notorious for being significantly undepowered. Not an issue on flat land.
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          um what?

          i can pass anybody in my moms 2018 CRV up or down the mountain…
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          Exactly. Down-shift, put your right foot into it, and go.