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Where should my money go? Loans or 403b/Govt 457?

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  • Where should my money go? Loans or 403b/Govt 457?

    I settled on a job for after residency. It is at a large State University. For retirement options, I will have a 401 which I will put 3500 into a year and they add 28000. This is essentially the max. I can put more in, but then they just put less. I will then have a 403b as well as a govt 457, which I can put as much as I want into (up to the normal IRS limits, or course). I have my life insurance, disability, emergency fund already figured out. I have $300k in student loans at 4% at DRB. In hindsight, I should have done one of the IBR or PAYE or RePAYE or something, but I never planned on working in academics. I had planned on going private so I just did forbearance and refinanced to get a lower interest rate. My question is whether I should max out the 403b and 457 as well as a back door Roth and then put everything else towards loans, or pay every penny I have towards the loans and work on the retirement later.