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    I have been using Quicken to track finances and investments since the '90s, upgrading to a new version every 3-5 years as they drop support for the old one. I see that they are changing to an annual subscription model which I find annoying, but I don't know if there is some other platform that can do as much as Quicken and wouldn't be too burdensome to transition to. What are other people on this forum using?

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    I am using quicken for mac.  It is starting to make lots of mistakes and I find no value in the continual upgrades.  It seems to me something always goes wrong when I upgrade it.


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      Really no alternative to Quicken if you want desktop. Personal Capital is online only. The Gnucash free version will be a pain to use.

      Right now you can get the 2018 version from Amazon which has 27 month download option. $89 for the Deluxe version. Retail ( costco etc) is 24 month. Direct from quicken is 12 month.

      I have 2016 Deluxe and have already paid for the online downloads till April 2019 (3 years). So keep yours till they expire before jumping to the 12 or 24 or 27 month subscription model.


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        Google sheets. It isn't fancy.


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          We'be been quicken users since the 90s after jumping over from excel.   It's an awesome ledger and aggregator of all things financial.

          That said, this subscription thing is VERY annoying and when ours expires out whenever it does we will kick the tires for another producti

          we never used Bill Pay feature so it makes our decision a bit easier to jump if needed.