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Personal Capital Cash Flow tab missing transactions

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  • Personal Capital Cash Flow tab missing transactions

    So have any of you had this issue?

    When I use the "Cash Flow" feature to see my income/expenditures over a time frame, I discovered it is missing many transactions.

    For example, when I look at the date range 11/3/17 through 12/4/17 (corresponding to the credit card cycle of interest for me), and I look at my Bank of America checking + 4 credit cards (which is where all our income/expenditures go), several Paypal transactions do not show up in the Cash Flow tab but DO show up in the Transactions.  At least one regular utility deduction from BOA also was missing in the Cash Flow tab.

    When I go to the "transactions" page and look at all transactions from those same 5 accounts, if I download the transactions and only look at the 5 accounts of interest, I can see the missing ones. So the Cash Flow tab is overlooking/ignoring information and misinforming me about my cash flow, but Personal Capital clearly HAS that data because it's in the Transactions section.

    I also see some transactions between my own accounts (paying off prior month credit card and thus reducing account balance and credit balance) show up in Transactions but not in Cash Flow.  Those are net neutral but still should be showing up in the cash flow tab.

    The difference between the two was about $2,000 (taking me from a net gain to a loss over that time).  I am guessing this has happened in prior months, but I just noticed it now because of how big the difference is (as my checking account had less money than it should've based on the prior month's cash flow I *thought* I had based on Personal Capital).

    I emailed them but am curious if others have had issues.  I had considered that tab a really easy way to keep on top of things, but if it's going to be ignoring transactions then it's useless and I have to download the CSV file and do it manually.
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    Another question for folks (see attached pic).  I contributed $11k to the backdoor roth IRAs and marked it as "Retirement Contribution," however I noticed that it's a "debit" from the checking account thus per PC its -$11k (NEGATIVE) to Retirement Contributions.

    What should I re-categories this as? I can change it to "Transfers" to get rid of it.




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      Had same issue with missing transactions from a specific credit card. Emailed them, they took like a week to reply but were helpful.  said they “reset”that account and since all new transactions are there, although those missing before the reset are still missing.


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        I’ve had it happen with Mint. I had to manually input the transactions for a week. Still not sure what happened.