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Presentation on finances for residents

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    I also wrote a paper with a colleague of mine.  Basic content applies to all, but references our specialty how a lot of the decisions we make practicing should apply to financial decisions as well….Feel free to hand out. ????

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    Hey! Glad to see you here. I saw that paper a few weeks ago and enjoyed it.
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      I've given several talks to our residents and our local GME department. I agree with what everyone else has said. That being said, the two things I think residents seem to care about the most are loan repayment and taxes.

      PM me with your email and I'm happy to send slides. I got help from people on here when I first started and it really just started the process.

      It's also good to keep in mind your population. Residents tend to be very action focused and not interested in learning theory.


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        I also have a PowerPoint that I'm happy to email you. I prepared mine for a group of residents who were within a year of finishing and getting ready for life in private practice.  It has these three sections:

        1. Introduction to business accounting (income statement, balance sheet, etc.).

        2. What to do with your money once your income takes a step up.

        3. "Investments 101"

        Please PM me your email address if you are still looking for more material.