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need template for monthly budget/net worth/goals on google docs

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  • need template for monthly budget/net worth/goals on google docs

    I want to create or preferably download a user friendly google doc template for my monthly budgeting.


    On the template, I want the ability to plug in fixed and variable expenses, income and assets/liabilities.


    I created one.  But, it is unorganized and very hard to understand.


    I'm sure these templates exist but I don't know where to look. I prefer google docs as opposed to excel, unless excel can download and work in google docs.



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    Sorry I don't have a template as I utilize Quicken for my NW calculation.  If you post what you have created, there are a number of folks who could critique what you have created to make it work better for you.  Based on what you stated, it appears you would be best served by two separate worksheets.  One that details your monthly income and expenses for budgeting purposes.  The second worksheet would detail your asset and liabilities (and calculate your NW).  It should not be too difficult to track this in Google docs, though my concern would be effort to maintain the data in Google docs over time.  You may want to consider an app that could fulfill the budget/NW tracking you are seeking.


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      Hi ifonlyFI,

      It does not have everything you are looking for, but we do have an excel template in a past blog post ( that you can download and use. It will give you "something" to use for the time-being for fixed and variable expenses (basic cash flow planning). There is not a net worth section, but that should be easy to add on another tab.

      Here is a quick resource on converting the excel spreadsheet to Google Docs:

      Check out some of the personal financial planning websites like and YNAB. They may be able to help streamline the process for you.


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        Thanks everyone. I'm going to try personal capital. They advertise that investment advice is offered. I assume their business model is to gain clients. Are they annoyingly pushy? I'm not interested in their investment vehicles.


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          Thanks everyone. I’m going to try personal capital. They advertise that investment advice is offered. I assume their business model is to gain clients. Are they annoyingly pushy? I’m not interested in their investment vehicles.
          Click to expand...

          Based on their privacy policy ( they will not sell your information so that alone will limit the spam. I am not sure if they will advertise their own advising very hard or not.

          If you are looking for a robo platform there are lower cost providers (ex: Betterment) or if you want to avoid platform fees look at Vanguard, Fidelity, or any of the big players. Look for a target date fund that matches your risk tolerance.

          If you are just looking for budget & net worth help with no investment management, it should be a good solution. They do seem to have a very good tech platform. YNAB ( is also an excellent tool for cash flow and budgeting. They have their own net worth tools. It is free for a month and then $50 for the year.

          Find one that you like and enjoy. If not, you do the work up front and then never do anything after.


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            How do you like the budget/expense tracking of personal capital?  I currently use Quicken for Mac, but based on the upgrade options that have popped up, this is going to become a yearly cost product rather than a one time payment for upgrades.  It works for me now, but I'm worried it may get buggy over time and was thinking about changing to some other program (free of course!).


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              I've used YNAB after years of using Microsoft money. I don't actually budget but I track money in/out very closely because we have a million bills and accounts. Given several large biannual and annual bills, it helped me organize monthly payments into my different savings accounts. The reports are also great. I used th downloaded version, have not bothered with the mobile app version. Personal capital is fine for looking at my networth but does nothing for planning or yearly bills, budget. Categories are not remembered for different purchases. But again, great for looking at networth and all accounts at once.