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A 10k inheritance

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    the biggest thing you can do to secure the future you want is to ace step 1.

    it sounds like you are feeling a lot of stress, which is quite common during the dog days of early medical school.

    try to relax a little, no one can live in a pressure cooker all the time.

    i would encourage you to buy one of those helper materials for step 1.  that's going to help open doors.


    like you plan, i worked a couple jobs during medical school.  if i could go back in time, i would punch myself in the nuts.  of course at that time, i was supporting my parents in addition to myself.  don't get caught up in the details of trying to optimize your financial status.  you guys are working hard and spending little.  you have a great future ahead of you.   these tiny maneuvers additional maneuvers now that you are contemplating are not going to even be the difference between retiring one year earlier or whether you can have the house of your dreams.

    best of luck



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      I would stash the money in a Roth IRA (which doubles as an emergency fund as your contributions are allowed to be removed at any time penalty free per IRS rules)

      Your investment choices inside the Roth may need to be adjusted depending on your potential to need the money.