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What % of your gross annual income do you spend on vacations?

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    Originally posted by medicoFIRE View Post
    I also don’t mind spending 10k on a trip to Tuscany to enjoy some wine and explore other cultures.
    I haven't done this (yet), but I would think this experience is priceless - great ROI for 10k.


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      medicoFIRE notwithstanding the classic logical fallacy - Appeal to Authority.

      Can you not see the irony that many of your quotes could just as easily apply to you.

      Those who preach tolerance are often the most intolerant ~ just an observation based on no authority whatsoever.


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        ☝🏻Didn’t take long to find a judgy one, haha. The judgy ones also like to bring up logical fallacy in an attempt to prove their feelings of superiority. Take a deep breath and carry on.


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          Originally posted by Anne View Post
          I think it’s funny how certain people can use something like whether or not someone likes to travel or not as a basis for character judgement.
          Especially when physicians do it, you would think physicians would have a higher level of understanding regarding different strokes for different folks.
          Sad truth.

          I may walk one path and don't expect others to do so and respect their choices, even if it's totally opposite of mine. Don't get the need to throw tomatoes, but then again we're kind of in a period of time where it seems to be okay (even expected?) to do so.


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            Nobody is making any personal judgment on significant travel vs not much. Quote where that was said?
            "He who takes offense when none is intended is a fool. He who takes offense when offense is intended is a bigger fool." -Confucius

            It is interesting that ppl always talk % savings rate on WCI, and [non-retired] people are talking 5-10% spent on travel (gross or net, still very significant).

            People are just saying what they do and why. As I said, I don't get going to Earth's ends to find rocks, trees, rivers, etc. I can do that within an hour - and without even driving at all. I like travelling (domestic) for sports occasionally, but I can usually find good shows and concerts and etc within an hour or two also.

            I definitely don't get going international to chat up folks I'll never see again or can't even converse with. Human civilization existed for tens of thousands of years with 99% of people never leaving their tribe/village/town. That is the Emerson thing with "light characters travel." Nobody is saying everyone who travels is looking to escape or they don't like themselves or don't fit in, but most successful people have substantial satisfaction, work to do, and social bonds at home also... little or no need (or ability) to "get away." I am also personally not fond of the typical bad food and sleep, sparse gym access, esp when changing time zones. Work gets in the way of that enough, so it's fantastic to have time for it in/near home when I catch a holiday weekend or set of days off.

            Two of the most common uses I find for travel is solo (clear the mind) or romantic (isolate with partner and find awesome scenery, possibly new). I do the occasional drive or short flight to connect with old friends in their backyard or a meet-up location also. None of those even requires leaving the state... usually not even leaving the city. It's proven one can't really have a real legit social network of more than 100-300, so why clog many of those with imaginary friends online and/or far away? That's not a personal knock on anyone who needs to go to Nepal to "have fun," but it's just the facts and the economics of the matter for me.
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              I love to travel but it's hard to shake off penny-pinching habits ingrained from childhood. Plus with a RVU based employment structure I make no money any day I am not seeing patients so at this point in my career my time off is pretty limited. Overall my vacation costs is <2% of income