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The reasons for an emergency fund

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    Glad everyone is ok!

    EF is important, family essential!


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      Thanks for sharing.


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        Glad everyone is doing very well! And enjoying the new babies in their lives.

        Also, just came across this new piece by Morgan Housel on this exact issue!
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          Originally posted by nephron
          Yes, I agree. I am glad that the op had sufficient funds to pay for their medical expenses, but I would view this less as an emergency and more as a planned medical expense. If you are planning on having a baby, you should plan for the expenses associated with that baby. Similar to how college tuition is not an "emergency" expense.
          I think it was the combination of events that led to the “emergency” part. You are correct, the child was planned. It was the additional unexpected expenses that we were happy to have funds for.

          And just to add gasoline to the fire, last week my husband’s car needed major repairs (4 figures). When it rains, it pours!


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            Originally posted by wideopenspaces
            Bored . . . On maternity leave. . . With 2 kids and a newborn.

            ​​I'm concerned you may have stroked out 🤣

            Congrats on the newbie!
            Bored in the sense that I don’t have enough mentally challenging things to keep me occupied! Life currently involves feeding, changing, napping, and then coordinating two other kids! The type A in me is looking forward to having a more predicable schedule and the opportunity to use other parts of my brain again!