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Mint - Double Counting Expenses

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  • Mint - Double Counting Expenses

    I've started to monitor my mint account more closely to get an accurate representation of my spending and I noticed that it seemed very high.  After doing some digging I noticed that it tracks all my credit card transactions as expenses correctly; however, then it also counts my credit card payment as an expense.  In essence, it "doubles" my yearly expenses as nearly 100% of our expenses are through credit cards.

    Anyway to change a setting to stop this?

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    I've ran into a few quirks like this. I usually just choose to "hide from budgets and trends" when it pops up. Mint still isn't as accurate as a spreadsheet but it gives me a close enough idea of my spending.


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      You'll have to manually change those transactions to credit card payment under transaction type. That shouldn't take too long unless you pay it frequently. Just search for those transactions. Maybe it'll pick up on it...?


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        I'll have to hide it.

        It is already counted as a credit card payment and will display as such. However, then when you look at expenses, the credit card payment shows up along with all the transactions made with the cc.. Thus the double expenses.


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          My favorite Mint quirk is that it adds a Zestimate for your house.

          The zestimate on my property is about $500k over the actual value.

          So it makes my NW look ridiculous.


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            This only happens to us with our Target red Card and Amazon Prime card. Our Amex and Visa don't double count. I click the "mark as duplicate" button (haven't found this available on the mobile app though) for these two transactions. You can have Mint always code a certain transaction the same way (also not on the mobile) and that might solve it for you.


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              I just tried @CordMcNally's solution, and it worked for me.


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                click the “mark as duplicate” button (haven’t found this available on the mobile app though) for these two transactions.
                Click to expand...

                I usually just choose to “hide from budgets and trends” when it pops up.

                Stuff like this is why I stopped using Mint, and just went back to a spreadsheet.


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                  Personal Capital doesn't do this. Mint was also counting transfers to my vanguard account as expenses which I didn't like- Personal Capital doesn't do that either