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Paying for next car- cash or finance?

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    just bought a new vehicle and financed 100% over 4 years at 1.94%. sweet deal.
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    I'm financing my next one right now at -10%. Even sweeter deal.
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      New Honda Odyssey’s are $46k. We just bought a 2014 Honda Odyssey Touring for 28K with 66k miles on it.  And I bet that most of us couldn’t tell the difference the new one and the old one if they just put a 2017 sticker on the 2014.

      Also, you’re paying more most of the time to have 0% financing (or 1-2%). They build that into the price.

      Also, don’t trade in your car. We were offered $5500 for our 2008 Honda CR-V from the dealer. We just sold it for $8500 ourselves. That’s a $3000 difference for about 2 hours of work. WCI may not even make that much per hour.
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      The highest trim one is 46k, I’m thinking about doing one of the lower-tier trims.

      Agree on no trade-in: a few years back when we replaced my husband’s car the dealer offered something like $1500 and Carmax gave us $5000. Getting the appraisal from Carmax took about an hour, definitely time well-spent. (We did finance my husband’s new car at 1.49% but we didn’t have the cash at the time because all extra cash was being used to pay off my student loans at a higher interest rate)
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      I suggest going for the highest trim.  You deserve the world’s most expensive vacuum cleaner 
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      Noticed they have a screen for the "blind-spot"? What, I thought everyone knew by now the "blind-spot" exists only if you dont set up the mirrors correctly?

      I dont have a blind spot in mine, except for after the car wash, when I have to re position them. Reminds me of the dumb 10/2 advice from yesteryear. Hopefully we are getting some evidenced based driving tips for the next generation.


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        What, I thought everyone knew by now the “blind-spot” exists only if you dont set up the mirrors correctly?
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        Hah NO they do not know that.  And even when I try to tell someone they don't listen..


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          the fancy new cars display from the rear camera onto the dashboard when you put the turning signals on and have sonar and audible and visual warning to tell you if there is a car in your blind spot.  the biggest problem is if the side view mirror needs to be replaced now theres a lot of electronics that go into them.