Working tonight and a family member of a patient turned out was an investment manager for another doctor group in town.  Got to talking for a bit and of course got to finance.  Conversation turned to education debt both current docs and also how he thinks this "is the next bubble."  We did talk about amount of debt for college and medical education.

Shifted to talking about doctor spending and lifestyle and he really divulged the number of docs he has seen "with big houses and nice cars and have hardly anything to their name."  In other words severe negative net worth.   Yikes, just another reminder how I think saving and what a lot of those of us on these forums is focused on is really "the good life" and not all those driving around with super expensive cars and huge homes up to eyeballs in debt.  Its sad really.

I wanted to mention WCI to him and tell him he should have his docs look it up, but being as he works for a large investment company (will remain unnamed) I didn't want him to start and argument.  Ha Ha.  Thanks White Coat, but sadly there are still so many docs and other professionals who need lots of help!