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What is your #1 spending vice? (guilty pleasure)

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  • What is your #1 spending vice? (guilty pleasure)

    Surely not everyone is able to hoard every dollar... What do you cave into spending your money on (not necessarily regretting it, but maybe)?


    Even WCI has discussed the need to "loosen the pursestrings" once in a while.

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    Golf...what an expensive hobby that is.  And I have to wonder if I'm just yelling and throwing things am I even enjoying myself haha.


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      Food and wine and traveling to obtain these


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        I'm a car guy, so after residency, maybe a few years into attending-hood, I'll probably splurge a little a buy a slightly used luxary car (S class, 7series, ect).  I'd really love something like a Maserati, Benz AMG, Audi S7...but maybe in like 20 (10...haha) years  :P .  I'll have to keep it a secret here because WCI folk will burn me at the stake.  :lol:


        Oh, and maybe a BOAT



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          Cars. I don't spend much elsewhere (savings rate > 40% of gross) but we do like to lease new and expensive cars


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            Bike stuff, can get spendy, but to make myself feel better I think of it as a health related expense. Mostly I feel we pay too much in food monthly, but we dont even go out to eat often at all (less than 1/month). We do eat healthy, but I still dont get it.


            You know you can pick up a used Maserati for real cheap right? They lose value like crazy. Every now and then I want a car...but it just sits there >95% of the time then I cant do it. Maybe in 10 years.


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              Cars. I don’t spend much elsewhere (savings rate > 40% of gross) but we do like to lease new and expensive cars <img src=" />
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              I've struggled internally with planning my future car purchases in regards to leasing vs buying CPO.

              I grew up in the middle class, parents not college educated, but made a decent living.  They always bought and owned their cars for numerous years.  My parents own a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee still with only 36k miles (that's how much they baby their cars!).


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                Wine and travel (Hawaii 2x/yr plus: MT-fly fishing/hiking; OR-wine, hiking, friends; France - food & wine, hiking). Good thing hiking is typically free.


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                  #1: Second home (cabin)




                  Good beer




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                    Good whiskey

                    Coke zero from vending machines


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                      Travel and going out to dinner with friends. We took 2 separate trips to Europe in 2015 (Spain/Portugal and Ireland/Scotland) and are planning to visit Greece this spring. Still able to do both frequently and maintain our savings rate due to our ability to keep our other costs (used cars, live in same condo we bought in residency) relatively low. After losing my mother in law at 60 to cancer, we realized every day is a gift and none of us are guaranteed to have a 20, 30, or 40 yr retirement. We'll still saving enough to cover that possibility, but we are determined to enjoy ourselves along the way as well!!


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                        I leave pennies in the change tray at gas stations.


                        Seriously my biggest vice that doesn't pay out is paying for Verizon FIOS ultimate package and then never using it.  I always wanted to be able to just watch anything on tv...I'll be cutting the cable this summer at the end of my contract.

                        I also send my wife first class when she travels for conferences.  Completely unnecessary...


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                            Right now? Dining out. Thankfully our idea of a fancy meal is maybe $60, drinks included.


                            In the future? Definitely autos. I am already dreaming about the E63 AMG or CTS-V that is 5 or 6 years in my future.  ?
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                            Both of those cars are sick...I'd take the AMG though.


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                              I like to shop. I don't go crazy or anything, but that's my favorite way to spend money frivolously. I also like staying in really nice places when we travel. My husband likes to eat out. That's pretty much it!