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    I have heard about – YNAB
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    Allow me to introduce myself. I am the 60-year old advisor who keeps hitting "Like" instead of "Quote".

    That's cool that you've heard of YNAB. With all due respect, perhaps you could add more to the conversation? You're in medical school, so you've got to be pretty smart - we'd like to hear your ideas  
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      LOL.  I thought YNAB was "You're Not A Billionaire"  until I looked it up.

      Long since those savings books days at the local community bank!

      I'm a devout Quicken user and kids always grew up with us on that and "Bank of Parents" where we entice savings with a match and high interest rate if held for 6months.

      We also got an electronic ATM for them do at home for accessing their own cash and enticements for couponing and discounting like to feed her Starbucks addiction, buying searching for deals and discount gift cards along with saving her points for high cost redemptions.

      So not only the savings, but learning to stretch that dollar on real spend.

      Haven't quite entered the budget stage yet.  They're lucky to be silver spoon kids and have in first world problem parents.  YNAB looks promising!