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Should this person get a new car?

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    Originally posted by Tangler View Post

    Fair enough. Great movie. I’m just pro police!

    $ = fungible. If you defund you get less.

    Less police = more crime.

    We will likely not agree on this, but the older i get the happier i am to see the cops.

    I woke up and went kayak fishing at 0200 the other night. (big fish in northeast harbors at night).

    cop confronted me at parking lot of launch site. I was glad to see him. Told him thanks for keeping us safe. He looked at me like i was crazy, i smiled and he laughed and said: “ be careful in that kayak!”

    They have a nearly impossible job, many don't appreciate them, and they do make our country a better place. They are good people and have been treated extremely harshly and painted with a very broad brush. We need more not less and they deserve support. IMO
    i was mostly trying to make a Lebowski joke.


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      Originally posted by childay View Post
      Why would they take the door panels?
      Based on what the OP stated, I suspect it was used to shoot a pron video and the doors came in the way of the video camera's line of vision. Or they were really tall people.

      There was some dubious activity that occurred (likely drug and sex act related given the debris) in the vehicle


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        Reminds me of Al Bundy's Dodge after Kelly got done with one of her dates in the back seat.


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            Hey, I recognize that car...


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              I like turtles.


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                Asking for a friend eh?! Wink wink! :-)

                I don’t think I’d care too much if I got the vehicle back and it were easily fixed. Especially if the vehicle had a lot of sentimental value to me: 1st car, dated 1st girlfriend when I had it, dad gave it to me, etc. I’d expect it to otherwise not have much resale value but in this used car economy - who knows?!

                I like to restore 1960-70 chevrolets- if one of mine were stolen and I was lucky enough to have gotten it back in one piece I’d have no problem deep cleaning it or gutting the interior if necessary.

                Regarding the frugality part- I have a nice paid off primary home and I love to wave at neighbors drive by in their audis, Mercedes, bmws, and porsches while I HAND wash my wife’s Honda. :-)


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                  This would make for a great commercial for the “show me the Car Fax” with that little fox. Since this is for television we couldn’t actually talk about what happened in the verbal dialogue.

                  The scene opens to a father and son walking up to a used car lot looking to buy Junior a car as he is turning 16. They all kind of like this Forrester.
                  Dad to salesman: Show me the Car Fox.
                  salesman tries to talk him out of it with no luck.
                  Dad reads the report before he buys with look of terror on his face.

                  Next scene are father/son running away and then driving away quickly.

                  They could repeat some variation of that a couple of times with other potential buyers.

                  Eventually we cut to the car lot again with the unsellable car and we see gasoline being poured on it as it goes up in flames. That cute little fox reminding everyone to get their Car Fax talking as the credits roll.

                  I would donate it to the local high school to beat it up for their pep rally. Sometimes in life it isn’t clear what to do in a particular situation (when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em). Not this one. If your friend ever sits in this car again he or she needs to see a counselor to work on letting go of things. Check for signs of hoarding at the house.


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                    Originally posted by Jaqen Haghar MD View Post
                    I would recover what “evidence” I could from the back seat. If the police ask, I’d say it was for the future extensive investigation and trial . Then I’d put some duct tape on the door, start the car with a screwdriver, and blammo!, back in business.

                    Now he can have all the drugs and sexy-times he wants in there, without worrying about depreciation.

                    Oh, and tell your friend to use the generic duct tape from Costco…. No need to waste money on the brand name stuff.

                    Same thing happened to me in residency. Old cars are easier to steal and chop, and needed for parts.
                    This is an uncomfortably close description of my experience during residency as well...sadly more than once.


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                      Believe it or not, car still had the catalytic converter. Friend is getting door panels and ignition replaced. Multiple people have tried to change his mind, not budging.

                      Also another reason this is not me - this forum would cast some serious shade on my car decisions. Let's just say they are opposite to the WCI creed.


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                        Originally posted by Lordosis View Post
                        Who steals a car from 1998? I would probably move if my neighborhood was that bad.

                        Also how frugal can a person with a 1.25M home be?
                        Yeah, if it is near Seattle, 1.25M home is probably frugal.


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                          Originally posted by Marko-ER View Post

                          Yeah, if it is near Seattle, 1.25M home is probably frugal.
                          Back in late 2005/early 2006 my wife and I were exploring that area considering moving there. Coming from Mississippi I was more than gobsmacked at the real estate prices. I can't imagine what it's like now.


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                            Half my extended family lives in Seattle, and the prices are absolutely bananas. I keep thinking about the merits of moving there, especially with the family present, but one look at the housing market and traffic (as well as poor MD pay) and that kills any thoughts of that.

                            You friend is an insane person. I can't tell if I find him compelling or off-putting in his commitment to not buy a car.


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                              Why doesn't your friend drive the "2-3yo other Subaru"