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One car, part deux

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    Originally posted by Nysoz View Post
    Not sure if anyone appreciates an update for my situation, but I've recently decided to sell the car. Spent 8 months here and only use it to visit my brother and parents rarely. We still have the wife's car to do that but preferentially used mine for driving long distances because it's just cheap/free travel. Most of the time, it's in the garage across the street gathering dust and random people's dust drawings. She still drives to work although I'm convinced she could walk/bike there faster (though she doesn't feel safe doing that early in the morning).

    Interestingly I bought the Model 3 3 years and 50k miles ago for $51k, got the $4k federal rebate, and now selling it online for $47k. Still in the middle of this process so we'll see how it goes. She's finally warming up to the idea of the Cyber truck since I keep mentioning it but would prefer if I got a Model S or Roadster if I ever got another vehicle (if Tesla ever makes the Cyber truck or Roadster).
    Tesla is a fun car to drive, but only if you have access to consistent/cheap/convenient charging on a daily basis.

    Living in a condo/apt and not having a personal garage or nighttime charging is a big hassle. Not sure if that was also part of the decision to let it go, but it certainly played a role for me.


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      Nope. It’s just access to a large parking garage with unreserved parking.

      There were public chargers available for free that were available for the most part so charging wasn’t a real hassle.