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  • Have you set up your online SSA account?

    The Social Security Administration stopped sending annual reports almost 5 years ago, but a lot of people never noticed. It's important to get a copy of your SSA Estimated Benefits statement at least annually to check that your earnings have been reported correctly. If not, you have 3 years, 3.5 months to get your information corrected.

    The other reason, of course, is for financial planning and projection purposes. Information includes your projected benefits at age 62, FRA, and age 70. You'll also see what your surviving spouse and any minor dependent children would receive in the event of your death. The projection on your statement assumes that you continue to work and make about the same this year and in the future. A review of your earnings history will show you the low-earning years that will be replaced by higher earnings if you continue to work, which will increase your lifetime benefits.

    To sign up for anytime online access to your statements, click here and follow the prompts. (And, by the way, the SSA started mailing statements again in 2014, but you will receive a paper copy only every 5th year.)
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