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How far would you commute?

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    Yes I would be off those days
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    Wouldn't it make more sense to just work those 3 days and stay at that site?

    And just return home for the remaining 4 days?

    Also, what kind of job pays in the 700k - 900k range for 3 days of work per week??


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      For first 10 years of career was 3 minutes from work and could even walk, blade or bike to work weather permitting.  Last 10 years of career had a 60-90 minute commute round trip. Would rather have the 3 minute commute but income increased 2-3x and hours of work were cut in half... allowed me to retire at 52.  Was it worth it? Yes I think.  To go from 700k to 1M - I don't think I would do it unless it was a very nice low stress, fair weather drive.


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        The commute will take a toll even through you will get a higher income.  I commute 40 minutes-1 hour in the morning (reverse commute) which isn't bad. The commute back is horrible. Takes one and half hours normally and I sit in traffic most of the time. Lately, there has been road blockage and construction which leads to 2 hours.  It becomes very draining especially as the week goes on.


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          My commute ranges from 30-35 minutes and is mostly at 70mph. I also use Dragon Anywhere and dictate through it, so I am getting work done. I also return phone calls through it. I pass through some beautiful country, have very lityle traffic and live in a beautiful part of the world, so the commute is worth it to me. No way would I do another urban commute again; I hate cities.


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            I personally would not do it. But you can go for it  


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              respectfully-- are you nuts?

              2 freaking hours lost in the car?  with how much you make already?

              what about kids soccer and dance and baseball and a ton of stuff that you would miss?


              stop looking at the problems, and start appreciating the blessings.  

              good luck with your decision!


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                My commute is terrible – in the name of cheap rent (for NYC that is). Not sustainable tho for me and will need to figure something out – either get more days closer to home (we have satellite clinics) or get a new job closer to home. I’ve been doing it for 6 months now and reaching my limits.

                My commute is 1-1.5 hrs each way (driving). Usually 1 hr there, 1 hr back, can be 1.5-2 hrs home when it is bad. Note this is only 16-19 miles each way…

                I would only rec this for a short term thing but not long term. It will make you angry …
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                Update - I was able to get 2 days a week (non-consecutive) MUCH closer to home - 20 min direct subway (1 block walking on either end) starting this summer ;-). This means I need to drive 1 hr-ish each way for 2 or 3 days a week only (I have an alternating schedule). Ultimately, I want to work 3 days a week (currently 4).

                If my request was denied, I think I'd have to seriously start looking for a new job. Long commutes affect everyone differently, but it has def taken a toll on me - my health for example. I am so worn out by the commute that I have been working out almost 99% less than I used to, eating less healthy foods etc.