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VA benefits for residency

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  • VA benefits for residency

    Hello all. Question about using VA benefits during residency.

    I have 13+ months left of post-9/11 GI Bill benefits remaining (used to get Masters before med school).

    During med school I was eligible for vocational rehab to pay tuition and get a stipend (80% disability).

    I saw the blog on using GI Bill benefits during residency.

    Wondering if they are able to also use vocational rehab to get that stipend?

    I know you can't take both at the same time. If no voc rehab obviously it is only 13 months (better than nothing) so that will run out. Rehab can be extended though in qualified programs.

    My counselor didn't think so because we get paid but wasn't sure because it is a mandatory training program as well. I was her first veteran to use voc rehab for med school too though so she is in uncharted waters for her office.


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    Don't know the answer but thanks for the your service, and sorry that it resulted in a SC.  Glad that you've been able to finance med school via vocational rehab, that is simply awesome.   I was at the VA for 14 years and never seen that -- kudos.

    I do know a lawyer who does VA benefits here in SoCal.  She maybe helpful.  PM me if you want.



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      I used 2 years of VA benefits for my EM residency ('75-'76), and that was even before EM became a residency. Go for it.


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        I meant to say before EM became an official specialty.