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  • Locums for dummies......

    Midcareer radiologist considering doing some locums with my weeks off and weekends. No experience with locums. A locums company has been contracted with staffing a nearby community hospital for the next 6 months+ as the hospital transitions to an employment model. They seem fairly desperate.

    A few questions:
    1) How negotiable are the locums rates?
    2) Might I be better off contacting the hospital directly?
    3) Is it customary that the locums company covers malpractice insurance and travel expense?
    4) Any ballpark figures for what is reasonable for an "average" volume 8-5 weekday shift, or weekend shift, no IR or mammo? This is in NorthEast.

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    1) If they are somewhat desperate, there may be some wiggle room.

    2) Possibly, but be prepared to potentially provide your own lodging (if needed), transportation, malpractice insurance, etc...

    3) Yes.

    4) I don't know about radiology. Anesthesia locums, when going through an agency, tends to pay in the range of $1,300 to $1,600 for an eight hour day.

    Good luck!



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      Thanks PoF. I know you have a lot of experience here.

      My group will allow me to use my insurance, 3M/6M occurrence vs locums company offering 1M/3M claims made with tail with Lloyds of London. Should I just use mine and negotiate a little higher locums rate or will they likely make me use theirs?


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        It might be worthwhile contracting directly with the hospital in your case. You are smart to get a feel for the going rate first. I'm guessing since it's a nearby hospital, you won't need lodging or transportation required.

        I can't imagine the hospital will care how you're covered, as long as you are.