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Backdoor Roth Form 8606 Question

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  • Backdoor Roth Form 8606 Question

    I have been having a discussion with my accountant regarding the 2016 8606 form for my backdoor Roth.

    I have always done my own taxes, but this year with my wife starting her own business, I wanted to have them done to double check my work.

    On the examples on WCI (, and in other tutorials, line 8 contains the conversion amount for 2016. (Contribution to tIRA and conversion both done in 2016).  This is how I completed it in the H&R Block software, with 5500 listed on lines 1,3,5 and 5501 on line 8.

    My return from the accountant has lines 8-12 blank on the 8606. He states that the conversion is reflected on line 16 (page 2 of the 8606 form) and that in their software, since lines 8-12 do not change tax liability they are left blank. They state they cannot fill line 8 in their software, and would have to fill a paper form to do so.

    I can only find one other example online with line 8 blank:

    Can someone please help clarify this question for me?  Does line 8 on the 8606 need to be filled out, or does line 16 adequately report the conversion?  Does it even matter since tax liability does not change?