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Vanguard 2 factor authentication and Mint or Personal Capital

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  • Vanguard 2 factor authentication and Mint or Personal Capital

    I am in the process of setting up 2FA for several of my financial sites for additional security but am running into problems as other services I use (namely Mint and Personal Capital) try and access that information which results in multiple notifications as well as other problems. Has anyone experienced similar issues and found a good way to get the benefit of the extra security via 2 factor authentication on sites like Vanguard yet also the convenience of viewing all your accounts in a service like Mint or Personal Capital?

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    I don't believe there is a fix aside from not using 2FA

    Personally I just use a strong password without the authentication


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      I had to turn it off. Between Personal Capital and Mint, I was getting 5-10 texts a day.


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        I'd value 2-factor authentication on the account where I keep my serious money far more than being able to use a financial aggregator like Mint.  Why not just set up a checking account at a bank other than Vanguard for day-to-day bill paying, and sync that to Mint instead?  You can use an Excel spreadsheet (updated monthly by hand) to keep track of your investment portfolio and overall net worth.


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          2FA >>> Mint