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How much, and how will you use the 529 money

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    60k -- that's even more than Exeter boarding.

    If the kids are financially saavy, watch out for that UTMA grab!!!  (in jest -- any kid fortunate enough with that funding would be an idiot to go secretly spend the UTMA).   I don't know if the most recent reform confirmed the extension of 529 into secondary school years.


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      State max every year.

      should have over $350,000 if returns are at least average.

      intent is for undergrad but if any is left over for grad school then that's great. Not likely to be the case though as our alma maters were private schools and we believe those schools offered way more then just the education itself and way more then any state school ever could, so our kids will be highly encouraged to attend such schools. That's just our personal preferences though.