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  • MAC based personal finance software

    My toshiba laptop recently crashed and took my Quicken software with all my financial data with it.  I've primarily been tracking household expenses, credit cards, bank accounts and real estate holdings. Most of the data is retrievable but I've decided for convenience to start tracking everything on my MAC.  I'm told Quicken for MAC is sub-standard.  Do you have a personal finance program in an Apple environment that you like?  Please don't tell me to start my own spread sheet.  Been there, done that.  Thanks in advance.

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    What about cloud based software that are system agnostics? Mint, Personal capital etc


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      I do use the quicken for Mac.  It is not as full featured as quicken for a pc.  I use it for expense tracking.  It works ok.  I have used mint in the past but it seemed error prone.  I use personal capital to track property prices and a nice net worth graphics.  Investment tracking I use vanguards app.


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        WCICON24 EarlyBird
        I use IBank. It is not as robust as Quicken for PC  but gets the job done.