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"Rolling over" oldest credit line from family acct

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  • "Rolling over" oldest credit line from family acct

    My longest running credit card is a card my parents have kept me on solely so I could get the credit score bump for having an account open for a long time (in this case ~20 years).

    Is there any way I can open a new card on my own with the same card company and rollover (so to speak) that time onto my new solo card? Or would I lose that time if I took myself off of their card?

    This proposed change is simply a preference and not a necessity--they have a super solid credit score. Anyone done this type of thing successfully before?

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    It doesnt matter. Opening up a new card is its own thing and will start at 0 for that card and the old card will be as it always has been. For score calculation these kind of things are averaged.


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      Did you call them and ask?