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Planning for retirement? Great Kitces article

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  • Planning for retirement? Great Kitces article

    The reason I think this is such a good article is that it examines retirement spending from a different perspective. Rather than trying to plan for specific goals (which the "end of history" illusion makes difficult, if not impossible), Kitces examines spending from an age-based model, which recent studies show may be a lot more accurate. In our weekly meeting just yesterday, we were talking about the difficulty we have with getting clients to articulate long-term goals and how to improve our methods. We will be exploring this topic as a possible solution to this issue. The one difficulty I see, however, is for early retirees and how their spending will change in their 50s and even 40s. Territory to be explored on a case-by-case basis for now, but more to come, I hope.

    PhysicianOnFIRE, this should interest you and your FIRE followers.

    Using Age Banding to Estimate How Much Spending Will Decline in Retirement
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