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How much do you spend a month?

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  • How much do you spend a month?

    What's your monthly budget?  Utilities, food, restaurants, vacations averaged over the year. Not counting mortgage.


    $5k for me. A little embarrassed at it being that high. 40% of it is earmarked for vacations and going out to eat. Could definitely cut back on restaurant spending.

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    We are spending more than we ever have.  I would be too embarrassed to say how much.  But the increase in our net worth over the past year was 5 times what we spent over the course of the year, so I feel ok about it.

    We are splurging on lots of travel and home projects, plus the luxury of a full time housekeeper/personal assistant.  We are getting older and you cannot take it with you.


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      We are spending more than we ever have.  I would be too embarrassed to say how much.
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      Nothing to be embarrassed about unless you blog out in the open and don't want people to know.


      Also, what's the point of not counting one's mortgage? It's still money spent. All in, $10k/month for us averaged over the last 3 years according to Mint.

      We don't budget, never have.


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        Not counting mortgage? 13k. 5k of that is childcare. Maybe more. Adding housing brings it to over 20.


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          All non-mortgage/non-taxes/non-educational spending = discretionary spending for all lifestyle choices (including utilities/maintenance as our choice of lifestyle) -- 9k/month.


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            Why would you leave out the mortgage it's part of your budget


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              About $5k not including mortgage.

              Our biggest spending, by far, revolves around groceries, restaurants/take-out.


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                Why would you leave out the mortgage it’s part of your budget
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                I believe OP is looking for lifestyle discretionary spending.

                Removing core spending obligations since that's variable with location (taxes+mortgage).  My mortgage is naturally higher (and budgeted for in my own budget) than say rural america or Midwest where COL is lower.


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                  So does my rent count?


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                    Is OP single? Married with five kids? Paying for college for three? Supporting parents?

                    What is point of this thread?


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                      kind of pointless question because one person could spend 20K/month with an after tax income of 250K ...basically living paycheck to paycheck (spending 96% away)

                      another person can spend 20K/month with an after tax income of 1 million ( spending 24% of income and socking 76% away)


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                        Much less than I pay in taxes.

                        There was a similar thread in the past, and IIRC the median seemed to be about $120K/year for this forum.
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                          I never had a budget. I always paid myself first. Sometimes I spent the rest, sometimes I added the excess to the nest egg. I have not changed my habits over the years. Our incomes have risen, but we save even more.

                          I have no idea what my monthly spend rate is, but it is less than our post tax, post-retirement plan, post savings base incomes. If I had to make a WAG, it would be in the $15k range (excluding college costs).


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                            Some big spenders in these here parts


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                              We are about 11k. But that is the whole enchilada. 15 year Mortgage,daycare, 529 contributions, utilities, averaging infrequently buying cars, property tax. Everything except retirement savings and income tax.
                              We just got a new house this year so it is a little inflated but not too much.
                              Daycare followed by mortgage are our biggest expense by far. Then 529 and property taxes are similar. If I cut all that out it would be 3-4k a month.

                              The only reason I can see looking at it this way is this could be my retirement spending amount if I do not add more expenses. I do not plan to retire until the mortgage is gone 14 years. And the kids are through college 22 years at least.