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  • Real Estate Attorney?

    Hi. We're looking at purchasing a new construction home directly from the builder without a buyer's agent and are planning to hire a real estate attorney to assist with the process. Is there a good resource to find a reputable one (other than searching Google)?

    Thank you!

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    You may want to check out your local bar association. They may be able to give you some referrals. Good luck!


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      We just did the Google thing the one time we did this. It worked out fine. I think the basic competency level for an attorney is higher than it is for some professions (realtors, "financial advisors" etc.) A bit more like medicine that way. It's not like you're doing something complicated. The attorney's staff will do most of the work.
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        Where are you located?

        Local bar association . . . referral from friends . . . even contacting a local lawyer you may know who practices something other than real estate law but may know colleagues who practice real estate law.

        Regardless of where the referral comes from, ask the prospective attorney about his real estate experience.  You want someone seasoned and who has a lot of experience in closing real estate transactions, knows title people, mortgage people, etc.  And check bar association for disciplinary grievances/complaints.


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          There's tons firms that specialize in title work.  Pretty easy to find.


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            local rentor's association too.


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              Consider using a realtor unless they will lower the price by the commission (which new builders usually won't for some reason). If you live in a state that allows it, you should be able to find a realtor that will kick most of the commission back to you since this is soooo easy for them.