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First Time Home Buyers In Midst of Tax Reform

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    Your concerns may be warranted if you are purchasing into a local bubble environment, but supply and demand will continue to drive the real estate environment in most areas


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      i think this is an opportunity for original poster to stop and take a breath.

      if you are this worried about buying a house, perhaps it is too early to buy the house.

      i know there is a sense of light at the end of the tunnel after training, but just take a breath and read the advice that has been provided.

      lots of physicians don't love their first job and have to move.  if you are worried about tax reform, that may make a house more difficult to sell in a short time period.  it is unlikely this house will be your last house, so don't feel pressure to find the perfect place to live.

      physician stuff aside, there are many reasons to buy a house after living in an area for a while.  your needs may change over time.  kids are potentially an issue.  neighborhoods evolve.  budgets evolve.

      having said that, yes my wife and i have always purchased a home right when we moved.   but that doesn't make it the right thing to do! we've moved numerous times, and sometimes we lost a bundle.  sometimes we made a bundle.  be smarter than me.

      whatever you do, definitely don't build.  if by build you mean build a custom home.  if you are just buying a newly built home, that is less bad.  seriously, you have the whole rest of your life to buy a house.  save some money.  take a nice vacation if you need to blow some steam.   i don't know what "waited a really really really long time" means.  i did clinical training for nine years (residency and three fellowships) and my wife was ready to punch me in the important parts and we supported my parents and her parents while doing all that.  that seemed like a really really really long time.