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New Construction buying without realtor

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  • New Construction buying without realtor

    Anyone ever do this? Obviously it doesn't cost me anything since the builder pays the Realtor fees. But would I get more negotiating power to drop the price on upgrades since they would not have to pay my Realtor? i.e. cheaper for me in the end?


    First time home buyer and a total noob. Trying to read and learn as fast as I can.

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    CA specific: Not using a realtor probably won't help you negotiate (even though you save money, the salespeople won't care).  I don't understand it but this was true at multiple sites when we were looking at new homes. Overall, the new home process was way to many decisions for us and we're happy we bought elsewhere.  That said, a realtor can pay you part of their 3% and this is as little work as they ever do.  If you don't bring them with you the first time you visit, they don't get paid.  So negotiate with a realtor to kick 2% back to you, have them show up with you and both of you do a little better.