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Renting with Homepartners program

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  • Renting with Homepartners program

    I'm looking to move to Vancouver WA, and I've been seeing a few ads in this Northwest area about  Homepartners. Pretty much it sounds like a contract to rent out a house for at least 1 year, and you can lock in a price to buy it at a certain price in the future. I'm looking at rentals in the Vancouver, WA area, but it looks like the opportunities for better home rentals would be better if I go with this program. It seems like there's no obligation to buy the house if you decide not to after your 1 year rental agreement is up. Any thoughts or previous experiences with this type of program? Thanks!

    Here's a link below

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    Cool program. Try it before you buy it. Not only do they get your rent (and maybe a little premium on that) but they know you're more likely to follow through with buying it since you wouldn't have to move. But that doesn't mean it isn't a win-win for both of you.


    Better explore what "mutual responsibility to maintain home" means.
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      You're right, will definitely have to explore what "mutual responsibility to maintain homes" exactly means. It does seem to open up the opportunities to finding a good house to rent. Will inform everyone about the process. Thanks