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    I've moved more times than I can count.  I've had better experience with DIY via PODS + hiring motivated college students on either end for help than I have with professional moving companies.  If I ever move again I'm just selling everything except what I can fit in my car and starting over a minimalist ☺️

    The drive from Southern California to Portland is fantastic.  One of my favorite drives in the country.  I would send all my stuff in a pod and just take 2-3 weeks with my family in one car and see/do everything I could along the way.  Depends on the temperament of the 5 month old though.


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      All inclusive companies are expensive as is selling everything and buying a new there; but those are extremes on the equation.

      We see moving as 1000 razor blade cuts, so tend to go more inclusive and let a company do the loading moving and unloading.

      Key things if DIY

      Packing:  do it yourself; get a lot of same sized boxes and paper.  this makes it loads easier to load and unpack on the other end.  Inventory everything by box and itemize on the outside of the box, destination room on the box and your spreadsheet -- saves huge amount of time.   Cull the fat and excess while packing.  Be liberal on donations.   Also great time to take a picture of ALL momentos and valuables and invest a little in dropbox/amazon pics to automatically upload the pics for prosperity and insurance reasons if lost/damaged.

      Loading/unloading:  Resource:  NextDoor website - gets good recs usually; more important them not breaking your stuff as insurance for moves is crap and headache more than anything

      Cars:  We used uship for bids.  Drove one car and shipped others.

      unpacking:  commit a day to do it and get majority out; otherwise it lives in boxes for ages.


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        I've used a moving company called Three Men & A Truck that also shipped cars when we relocated. They were easy to deal with and the price came in substantially lower than what we were quoted using two different companies individually (one for moving, one for car shipping). I believe the guy we dealt with was named Chris if that helps.


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          Sorry, I see this was from 2018. Hopefully you got it figured out by now


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            Interstate moves "require" an in person written estimate if they operate within 50 miles.
            Thus, you need to have someone local contract the move.
            The way it works, the transportation and unloading is actually subcontracted out. Even the national movers have separate business owners at each location. It is more like a "franchise".

            Interstate moves are a different animal. Check the BBB, if it is a new listing, steer clear. They play the name change and you can really get screwed if you bite. Bandit moving is a big business and they know the rules. Promised delivery date? You can hire packing and unpacking through U-Haul at the pick-up and delivery locations.
            These are actually local movers that list on the U-Hauls website. It can be United Van Lines that simply supplies the manpower at a minimum 4 hours and then an hourly rate. Flexibility on loading and delivery dates is required to an extent. The more flexible you are, the better bids you get for the sub-contractors (load, transport, unload). These services are NOT employees of the moving company.

            The original estimator hands it off to a "coordinator". The estimator is the person (general contractor) that arranged all the piece. The coordinator simply tries to execute it.


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              Originally posted by Eyes4sucess View Post
              I've been thinking about doing it myself and renting a uHaul, but the drive is really long and I don't think my wife and 5 month old would do to well. I am trying to figure out what would be the best use of my money and time, thanks!
              Really long is pretty relative. I agree w/ Anne about the temperament, and beauty of the drive. 200% worth it.

              ... Eyes4sucess - what'd you decide?!
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