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mortgage paydown and investing in version of market timing

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    Originally posted by IlliniGopher View Post
    I feel like the OP was reading my mind. Everyone is talking about refi these days.

    No student loans, tax advantaged space maximized. So I get quarterly bonuses and I side hustle for cash and with this -- I have been trying to get my mortgage down $100K a year. Got $109K done for 2020 (principal reduction). I ask myself, do I push just as hard and wipe it all away or slow down and dump money into a taxable account. One is an emotional decision, the latter the logical one. Maybe I will just see what refi options are for me now, when I get below the jumbo rate, or just do both (pay extra mortgage and dump half into taxable).
    Fortunately, doctors who keep tabs on their finances and follow some kind of plan don't always have to make the logical decision to come out ok.
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      just an update here because this moved faster than I expected. First, I learned today the balance for a loan to be considered a jumbo really jumped this year, from $510k up to $548k. Kind of moot because for some reason the quotes I was given today gave me a better rate than if the loan wasn't a jumbo loan. I also got a better rate on a 30-year fixed compared to a 15 or 20-year loan. Strange indeed. Anyway, I secured a loan that will not punish us if we pay it off early, and it's a new 30-year fixed and the rate is 2.5%. Monthly payments will decrease by nearly $1000 per month so I'm happy, as long as we don't actually take 30 years from now to pay it off