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Do I need owner's title insurance for a refinance??

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  • Do I need owner's title insurance for a refinance??

    I have not refinanced in 7 years and my paperwork is hiding. I bought owner's title when I bought four years ago. Now I'm refinancing. Do I need to pay for owner's title again? Internet seems to suggest it is not necessary.

    If it matters, we transferred the property to our RLT within the last four years. It has the same SSN , etc.

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    If you don’t have the original policy, you might have a problem too.


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      We had to get it, I still think it's not actually needed. But Title companies like to have it, and they'll want it when you sell.

      I think it's a lousy tax on homeowners.


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        A lender will insist on a clean title and a lender's title insurance policy on a refinance to protect their loan. You do not need to have a separate owner's title policy at the same time-but it might be nice if you plan an early mortgage payoff. If you pay off the loan early, the bank and their lender's policy are gone and you have no protection against a claim against the property missed in the title search-a small chance of a large loss. If you think you will have the loan for a long period, you are protected by the lender's policy.


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          Hmm, according to multiple title company and personal finance websites, my original owner's policy from the purchase should protect me as long as I own the home. Here's a sample snippet:

          Because an owner's policy provides coverage, generally for as long as you or your heirs hold an interest in the property, there is no need to purchase a new owner's policy when refinancing.

          Think I will call my title company and ask for clarification. And the title policy itself.