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building a home--advice anyone?

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  • building a home--advice anyone?

    I'm 12 years into practice and have decided to build our next home. It will be in the neighborhood of 1.1-1.2M. We have about 600K in our current home equity and are thinking about taking out a HELOC to cover in case it doesn't sell in a timely fashion. We have cash (not including our taxable account) enough to put 25% down. I expect to put that much cash down to keep our loan under the jumbo limit. Anyone have any general advice related to building or any specific financial related advice such as itemizing building materials, titling the home, etc? Thanks

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    If I ever build my own house, which I hope to do someday, I decided long ago that I was going to build it out of Insulated Concrete Forms.  Pricey up front, but they insulate so well that the cost of heating and cooling will be very low, offsetting the total cost of ownership.  Plus, your house will stand up to a Cat 5 hurricane, an earthquake, or a tornado....well, probably, anyway.  

    Here is some info on them, and here is a video of the guys from This Old House doing a renovation with them.

    Best of luck.  Pick a good GC.