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    when applying for disability insurance what access to past medical records and health info is reviewed by underwriter?

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    Typically, the underwriters will do a prescription drug check (so they can see if you have not disclosed things on your application or will look to verify if what you stated is accurate) and can request medical records from any physicians or health care providers that you have seen which would include any clinical notes and diagnostic testing that was done (there is a HIPAA compliant authorization as part of the disability insurance application).

    Additionally, if you have ever applied for insurance before and adverse action was taken on your policy during the underwriting process, your history may have been reported to the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) which alerts any carriers that you apply to subsequently that you have a medical history (there are no details but things are reported with generic codes).

    If you are concerned about your medical history, feel free to call or email me and I can tell you what the outcome would likely be in terms of underwriting or can speak to underwriters informally on your behalf without you ever having to formally apply to know what might be offered to you.
    Lawrence B. Keller, CFP, CLU, ChFC, RHU, LUTCF