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Dropping comprehensive/collision auto insurance - implications with rentals?

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  • ACN
    Chase Reserve from my reading and speaking with representatives covers everything.

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  • wa2106
    I am in a similar situation with a car worth <$1000.  I haven't had collision on it in years.  Collision only applies to that car, not to others that you're driving (your other car, your friend's car, rental car, etc).  So no, you don't need collision to be covered when driving a rental car.  For a rental car, you either need to pay for their collision coverage or have a credit card cover it or self-insure.

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  • Dropping comprehensive/collision auto insurance - implications with rentals?

    I currently have two vehicles, one is relatively new and the other is a beater. I am considering dropping the comprehensive/collision on the beater (keeping liability of course) but was wondering what implications that has whenever I need a rental vehicle for trips, etc... I want to make sure that if an accident occurs while I am driving the rental vehicle that I am ok. I typically waive their insurance options at the checkout counter at the rental agencies.


    1) Do I need to have comprehensive/collision on my primary vehicles in order to be covered with rental cars?

    2) What happens if I carry comprehensive/collision on one car and not the other?

    3) How do credit cards factor into this situation? For instance, I have a Chase Sapphire Reserve which I know has excellent coverages but I haven't yet worked through all the fine print, nor have I had any personal experiences (so far).