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Outside the box ways to obtain health Insurance for Self-Employed Physician

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  • Outside the box ways to obtain health Insurance for Self-Employed Physician

    I was wondering if anyone uses or knows of anyone who has any outside the box ideas rather than just going on the online marketplaces for health insurance for my family. I am a 1099 independent contractor and all the online plans are extremely expensive. Some of the things I was thinking of include joining a professional organization to obtain group health insurance or possibly working a part-time job that would offer me healthcare insurance. If anybody does either of these or has alternative ideas, I would love to hear them!

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    The problem is, not many part-time jobs offer health insurance. Starbucks does, and a lot of young people work there for that reason, but I doubt being a barista is one of your goals. Any chance your spouse plans on getting a job with benefits?

    An HDHP/HSA combo should lower your costs - have you checked out the bronze plan?
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      Go through all the regulatory hoops to start your own insurance company, and self-insure.   


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        Starting next year, you'll have some additional options that were previously associated with the ACA penalty for non-compliant plans. You could opt for a catastrophic plan as soon as October of 2018.


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          Any updates for this string for self-employed physician?


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            check with various societies that you are or could be a member of

            our state medical association has a group plan available for small groups but not sure if available to solos

            ask colleagues whether they’re solo or private

            ask hospitals you work at

            call insurance agents


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              Most hospitals offer benefits for part time employees which in my area varies from 0.5FTE to 0.8FTE although unfortunately not as many are offering them for the 20h a week commitment any more. They cost a little more but are generally good insurance plans. The group status for STD, LTD and life insurance depending on your health can be nice perks also.